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Who's Calling The Shots on ActiveRain - The New "Called Shots" Feature

I think I need some badges.

We have a new feature which I'm sure many of you have already noticed on your "MY HOME" pages. 

Since we released the new "SUGGEST" for feature button, we've been getting a really good response from members helping us to find and report suggested content for the ActiveRain Feature Board.  You'll notice today that we've placed a new metric "CALLED SHOTS" counter in the status area of each members "my home" page. This little tracker tool will tally a total of how many posts you suggest that actually get featured.

Calling a shot simply means you've selected a post by another member that you feel should be featured

To do this, you would have to have clicked on the "SUGGEST" button in the upper right corner of their blog post.  If you suggest a members Blog post to be featured, and it is selected, then you will have "Called The Shot" and get the kudos.  When a member accumulates enough "Called Shots" they'll earn a new badge.

In order to prevent gaming, members may only suggest a maximum of 5 posts per day, so be careful calling your shots, don't waste them, we may have some additional surprises and rewards for those members "calling the most shots" around here. 

Thank you for helping us keep the network growing and for keeping the community fun!  Your support in suggesting features has been awesome, and is making a huge difference for our moderators and for the variety and quality of content that our visitors and traffic are being exposed to while visiting ActiveRain.

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"Delivering Dreams.....With Integrity!!!"

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I think I need some badges. We have a new feature which I'm sure many of you have already noticed on your " MY HOME " pages. Since we released the new "SUGGEST" for feature button we've been getting a really good… more
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